Burn Out

Hello Blog, It’s been a minute and there is a reason for that: I am so BURNT. OUT. This summer,  I unintentionally made it my personal mission to stay as busy as possible. I got caught in a never ending cycle of job shadowing, working at the gym, working out, hanging with my friends, and […]

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There is a very, very long list of things that God promises to us in the Bible, for example: Strength (Isaiah 41:10) Wisdom (James 1:5) Eternal life and Forgiveness (John 3:16) Comfort (Psalm 23:4) Freedom (John 8:36) Courage (Joshua 1:9) Love (Pslam 86:5) Peace (Philippians 4:6-7) But the one verse/promise that I want to discuss […]

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Standing Firm in your Faith

Recently, I’ve found myself facing a lot of frustration. Over the past fews months I’ve been working on swallowing my past mistakes and trying to renew my faith as I re-establish my identity in Christ. While some days are harder than others, I have definitely taken steps forward in the right direction as I’ve learned […]

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May Gratitude Log

I’m thankful for my friends who recognize my need for them and offer their support I’m thankful for my job that provides me an income and a place to be productive I’m thankful for my internship that is truly a blessing from God and has only reassured me that my future is bright I’m thankful […]

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Time to Breathe

This past weekend, I went camping  with my family (for the 16th year in a row!) No cell phone service + isolated in nature = A lot of time to think and just breathe Meditation is the thing in my life that I didn’t know I needed until now. Sure, I think deeply before I […]

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The thing that happened Sunday

As I’ve stated before in this blog, the book of first Peter has been following me this entire semester. When I came back to school in January, my church started dissecting the idea of Hope and focused heavily on first Peter. Next, I started studying first Peter with my campus ministry a few weeks later. […]

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Phases of Heartbreak

  Statistically speaking, everyone is bound to feel heartbroken at some point in their lives. Whether it’s losing a friendship, a job, a family member, or of course, a significant other. Often, our hearts may even break for those that suffer around us as we try to empathize and comfort those around us. There are […]

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