Challenge time: Setting Summer Goals

There are only two and a half weeks of school left (don't panic...), which means it's time for me to start thinking about my summer and the goals that I want to set for myself. Last summer had some amazing moments and memories: I got to move my sister into her new house and help … Continue reading Challenge time: Setting Summer Goals


April 16th 2007

11 years ago today was the Virginia Tech shooting that forever changed the course of history. I was 9 when the shooting happened, but I remember it so vividly as if it happened yesterday. I remember teachers at school crying in the hallways, I remember after school activities were suddenly cancelled, I remember my Dad … Continue reading April 16th 2007

Putting our Joy in the Lord

This Sunday at church, I felt convicted after hearing the question: What do we put our joy in outside of the Lord? There are several things that came into my mind: music, coffee, school, and most importantly, other people. While there is nothing wrong with putting your joy in other things, it can be a … Continue reading Putting our Joy in the Lord

Challenge time: talking about our sins with others

This week at my small group, I was challenged to talk about my sins with others. For some reason, this had never occurred to me before. Sure, in my small group with my girl friends, we talk about our various hardships, what God is teaching us at the moment, and what blessings we are experiencing. … Continue reading Challenge time: talking about our sins with others

Challenge time: What happened when I gave up Netflix

Recently, I made the decision to stop watching Netflix altogether for several reasons. And no, it definitely was not as hard as it sounds! First, it was distracting me from doing my homework. It when from being a "quick study break" to being "let's do this instead, and I'll do my work tomorrow." Second, I … Continue reading Challenge time: What happened when I gave up Netflix